Pond Solar Systems – Solar System Aeration

Solar pond bubbler aeration improves water quality, and prevents winter fish kills! Solar pond bubbler aerator operates day & night. Typically, 1 million gallons of pond water only holds cheap a maximum of 2-6 pounds of oxygen. Not much, and it goes away quickly when aeration is interrupted. Only a 24/7 aeration system can maintain and improve water quality. When you purchase a solar aeration system look for the best quality and price, and a manufacturer that is so sure of their aerators, they put links to their competitors on their site.

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All solar pond bubbler aerators can be used in any depth pond. The deeper the pond, the better the system will work because there is more fresh, warm water to circulate. Also the system will work better in a larger pond with more water in it. Solar systems are designed to keep water available in cold weather and improve water quality in warm weather. They are not designed to keep the whole pond ice free, especially when the outside air temperature reaches 0 degrees.

There are many solar powered aeration systems. Look for a system that does not require a degree in electrical engineering, or a contractor’s license for installation near any public access, and are not a daily maintenance nightmare. Solar pond bubbler aerators if properly engineered should have no installation cost, no additional wiring cost, and need no priming. You should be able to just clamp the solar panel to a pole, and squeeze the battery clamps in place. You then should be able to attach the non pluggtng diffuser to the float which is furnished in all well designed systems. See manufacturer specifications for maximum diffuser depth, and do not allow the diffuser to touch the bottom. Drop the diffuser in the water and it aerates. Solar aerators restore lakes, ponds, water gardens, golf course water ponds, and aerate thousands of fish daily.

Do your part to increase the world’s pure oxygen supply!! Water algae produces the oxygen you are breathing now, but at night they need your help!! Aeration is necessary to maintain oxygen in pond water to keep it healthy. The oxygen content decreases rapidly at night. The algae, which produce excess oxygen during the day, switch metabolism at night and use up pond water oxygen. This natural process depletes almost all of the waters oxygen supply. If the biological balance is destroyed all pond life could die within hours. Using a solar aerator increases water circulation, prevents stagnation, and injects oxygen into the water. And guess where the big fish hang out! The big fish are in the high oxygen aeras.

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