Despite the popularity of newer video slots, IGT’s regular mechanical slot machines remain very popular and lucrative. It is vital to determine which machines have the highest returns and pay frequently to earn money playing a challenging game. Although card games offer the highest payout percentages there are numerous slot machines that provide a great ROI. Here are some money-making tips to select the perfect machine to play your favourite slot machines.

Tip #1-Select a machine with less of a multiplier. These machines are less likely to give a good line if you are using a machine that has less of a multiplier than those with a 2X or no multiplier. Studies have proven that less multipliers or wild machines provide a 30% higher return on investment than machines with more multipliers. Many times, I’ve nearly pulled PG SLOT my hair out because I could not find anything in a 5-X or greater slot machine that cost twenty dollars. The odds are through the floor with those. You can also play games with lower multipliers, which offer the same appeal as high-riskand high-reward slot machines that pay more. You’ll find that you can make more money in a long session when you play with lower multipliers, and more often than high-multiplier games.

Tips#2- Only play one payline on the machine. To a novice slot jockey, it’s not immediately obvious to play an only line machine. The more lines, the greater the chances of hitting some good wins, right? What slot machine manufacturers have done is they’ve spread out the symbols on their reels and have placed more blanks, therefore making it more difficult to make significant wins. Have you seen the pay-off difference between the three red symbols on a single line Double Diamond machine and getting the same win on a five liner? This could not be more different. Choose a single line, and gain more money for the lines as well as higher payout frequency.

Tips #3-Bet the most money possible for the highest winnings. This is an essential part of general mechanical slot play. Why would you place a bet on just only one coin when you could place a bet of three or more and win much more. We only have the money to buy three coins since we’re playing machines rather than multiline slots. You will see that jackpots will appear more often and the overall line wins will be higher. I advise this same tip for those progressive type slots like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. Have you ever placed one coin on the wheel, only to be rewarded with a bonus wheel on the next wheel? This has happened to many individuals, but it doesn’t need to be the case again.

These three tips can assist you in finding the best pay-out machines and could result in bigger and more lucrative winnings than before. Responsible game play is key to having a good gaming experience. When you’re up, use common sense and make more informed choices. Avoid being caught playing games that offer low returns.

All types of players love slot machines and there are numerous ways to earn more. No matter if you’re at the casino or online, they can be beat! For more money making tips to beat slot machines you can get more information here How to Really, Really Win at Slots!

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